Interfaith Fundraiser for Haiti

Over 60 Ohio University students, faculty and community members of all and no faith background gathered at United Campus Ministry on Sunday March 6 to rally around a good cause in the “Ice Cream for Life” event. The event was designed as a fundraiser, with proceeds spent on LifeStraws (personal water filters) to be sent to Haiti. The Interfaith Youth Core steering committee members kicked off the event, explaining how their diverse faith backgrounds, from Judaism to Unitarian Universalism to Islam, inspired them to serve others.

Afterward, Dr. Marc Scarcelli of the Political Science department discussed post-earthquake Haiti. He showed pictures illustrating the extent of the human suffering, and said that the number one cause of death among children in Haiti is diarrhea, a disease that is 100 percent preventable with access to filtered water. He talked about the tendency toward “amnesia” after disasters like the earthquake in Haiti in the mind of U.S. citizens as time goes on
, and the need for continued assistance along with long-term development goals.

Students also enjoyed performances from Section 8 (male a cappella group), OU Improv (student comedy troupe) and the Environmental Theater Brigade (guerrilla theater group designed to raise students awareness about environmental issues).

In the end, contributions totaled about $250. This will be enough to send 50 LifeStraws to Haiti, thereby providing about 50 Haitian citizens with clean water for one year. Interfaith action at Ohio University has proven so far that we are indeed Better Together.


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